Aleksei Levinson: Moscow as the Object of Political Design and Political Marketing

strelka courtyard

Aleksei Levinson, head of sociocultural research at the Levada Analytical Center, will talk about why cities (including Moscow) function as their own type of social capital and serve as an example of trade and sharing between different social subjects.

In his lecture, Aleksei will explain: how the city changes, from the sociological point of view, during holidays and demonstrations; the redefining of city space by law enforcement structures, and why this is accepted as a norm; and how the politicization of urban economy takes place.

Aleksei Levinson graduated from Moscow State University with a major in the History of Eastern Countries and defended his dissertation on art history. His professional interests include: qualitative methods in sociological and marketing research, the sociology of education, the sociocultural aspects of urbanization, the sociology of youth, and other topics.