Island Playtoons: Radical Creativity in the Fields of Possibilities

Part of: The Red October: Discovery of an Island


What is the Red October Island with its larger urban environment?  What is its potentiality in the minds of those who encounter it?  What it will be, and what it will affect, is the sum total of all the dreams it inspires and the conversations it provokes?

This workshop will pay special attention to the activation of potential through an exploration of  «Island Culture».  We will allow space for dreams and visionary ideas, in combination with direct engagement with the physical reality of the territory.

We will analyse and deconstruct the constituent layers of this context, with the aim of projecting a diversity of future scenarios for Red October through the process.

We will be using an multi-disciplinary array of tools, techniques and methods that range from readings, urban drifts and piecemeal discursive build-up.  We will dream, play and have fun.

Maximum number of participants

Interdisciplinary background