Big Moscow: Shaping the meaning


Since February 2012 Strelka took part in a tender for the incorporation of a new Federal District to the Southwest of Moscow. The Institute decided to look at the project in a different way that is customary in the traditional architectural competition and wondered about what could be the meaning, the message of this major urban project, and how to make sure that it has a positive impact on the development of the whole country – in respect of economy, culture and human capital.

As a direction for the research Strelka chose cultural and educational aspects, since the range of Strelka’s interest lays in search of tools for development of human capital, without which developing strategy for Moscow until 2025 and the transition to the innovation economy is impossible.

At the presentation Alexander Auzan, research advisor of the project, a member of the President of the Russian Federation’s Economic Council, will tell about the chosen approach, the research and its results.

In the following discussion Alexander Auzan, architect Yuri Grigoryan and architecture critic Grigory Revzin will discuss important and relevant issues related to competition and further development of the city.