Boris Kupriyanov and Anna Narinskaya


How does the creation of new book spaces encourages education opportunities for citizens? What should be the future of Moscow libraries? How does the city environment influences the interaction between the citizens and knowledge? These and other questions will be answered by publisher and co-founder of Falanster bookshop Boris Kupriyanov during his talk with Anna Narinskaya, special correspondent from Kommersant publishing house.

Boris Kupriyanov is a publisher, one of the co-founders of Falanster book-shop, programme director of International Moscow Open Book Festival, member of the advisory board at “Non/fiction” International Intellectual Literature Fair. He is one of the founders of Tsiolkovsky and an ideologist of “Alliance of independent publishers and disseminators in Russia”.

From an interview with Livejournal magazine: “About enlightment: Enlightment is an absolute necessity and is expressed in the explanation of own views, values in communication with people, neighbors, relatives and friends. And I mean not only people at “Bolotnaya”. It is the function of all those who are called “creative class” or intelligencia, although I don’t really like this notions.”

Anna Narinskaya – special correspondent at Kommersant, literature critique

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Photo credit: Shuyi Meng