Future of Journalism

Part of: Sensorium


Journalism as we know it is under fire: the internet, social networking sites, HD-camera capabilities becoming standard features in cellphones are just a few of the recent phenomena changing the rules of journalism. In an epoch when information is available everywhere for free (and what’s more, the suppliers of this information can now be anyone on the planet), the existing economic model, the traditional format and even the very idea of the profession itself all appear on the verge of extinction.

What will the media of the future look like? Could the «collective mind» take on the work of professional editors? What will a journalist’s job consist of in a few years from now? The round table «The Future of Journalism» will cover these and other questions.


Vasily Gatov (Publishers’ Guild, IFRA)
Aram Gabrelyanov (News Media)
Vera Krichevskaya (Rain)
Oleg Kashin (Kommersant)
Roman Volobuev (Afisha)

Moderator: Yury Saprykin (Afisha)