Strelka Press. Day Two

Part of: The Future of Books. The Future of Education. The Future of the City.


Strelka Institute is launching Strelka Press and presenting its first e-books at the Open Moscow Book Festival.

Strelka Press offers a totally new content and form for conversations about architecture, design and urban development. The publishing house seeks new ways to think about the city and invites readers to participate in this experiment. To this end, Strelka Press has developed a new book format – a compact e-book that you can access any time, anywhere.

Education has become one of the most fascinating areas of human activity. This has nothing to do with its obviously ever-growing value, but rather with the whole range of revolutionary changes it is experiencing today and may experience tomorrow. New technologies that have led to a true explosion in distance learning are forcing us to consider the effectiveness of traditional forms of education that we used to take for granted – the system built on faculty giving formal lectures and students taking notes. If it is possible to listen to a lecture on a plane or a beach, then we need universities and schools to provide something else – perhaps to teach communication skills or teamwork, or for independent research and work on projects.  Or for something else, perhaps. The future of education will be the topic of Strelka’s second day at the Open Book Festival.

12 pm. Digital Culture and Education.  Lecture by Henning Lobin, Professor of Applied and Computational Linguistics at Giessen University.

2 pm. New Models of School Education. Lecture by Brian Bennett, leading Flipped Classroom teacher.

4 pm. Education for the City. Discussion with architect Yury Grigorian and Strelka Institute graduates.

6 pm.  What’s Changing In Education?  Lecture by David Erixon, Founder of the Hyper Island School and director of the Citizens as Customers theme at Strelka Institute.