The Future of Work and the City in the Knowlege Economy

Part of: The City as a Workplace


An evening event of shorts lectures and round-tables to discuss the changing role and physicality of the modern workplace.

In a world of rapidly evolving mobile technologies, what could our workplace look like?

What are the emerging hubs of interaction, collaboration and creativity in the city and could these «third places» be the next evolution of the workplace?

7.00pm introduction by technopolitan studio with key facts on Moscow As a Workplace by FAST Short introduction of the evening talks and debates highlighting the emerging gap within our cities to provide a «third place»;

an alternative work/leisure place to one’s home (first place) or office (second place).

Presentation of the exhibition «City As a Workplace» based on work of students from the Bartlett School of Architecture on third places.

7.30pm keynote lecture by Frank Duffy, founder of DEGW, author of «Work and the City», «Justifying Place in an Increasingly Virtual World» – With the evolution of new technologies, the workplace is currently experiencing a profound evolution comparable to the Industrial Revolution.

Architects and designers have now the responsibility not only to imagine the new physical workplace but a new work and social organization.

8.00pm questions from the audience

8.10pm lecture by Dilara Trupia, representative of La Cantine, Paris and Igor Bevsenko of Danilovskaya Manufaktura, Moscow «La Cantine: lessons learned from a co-working hub in Paris» – La Cantine has become since its creation in 2008 the co-working hub for new media and new technology innovators in Paris: what are the ingredients of a successful co-working place?

What are the other possible models of third places?

«Title TBC» – Igor Bevzenko Presentation of the Danilovskaya Manufaktura and the co-working movement in Russia

8.40pm questions from the audience 8.50pm short lecture by Vladimir Pirozhkov on the appearance of the new creative class and the need for work space for them

9.10pm questions from the audience

9.20pm round-table discussion moderated by technopolitan studio with guest lecturers The round-table discussion will attempt to draw a portrait for the workplace of the future and discuss the implications to people work/leisure lifestyles.

How can urbanism and architecture respond to these changing dynamics within the City?

Are traditional office buildings becoming an outdated model?

How can we make the workplace more creative?

How can we make the workplace more efficient and sustainable?

Do we need a more mobile, more flexible workplace to meet emerging lifestyle trends?

How can a place be designed to encourage its appropriation by the users?

What types of environment and services are required for a successful ‘third place’ ?

What would be the impacts on our daily life?

Additional Guests: Denis Sverdlov (Yota), local association of freelancers, moscow government in charge of public space, Marina Butovskaya (Institute of anthropology), Alexander Senatorov (Kopernic), Mikhail Ivanov (MIF).