L’ AUC architects: Re-Urbanism Moscow

english (translated to russian)

Founders of l’AUC architecture offices, Djamel Klouche and François Decoster will  introduce their project of the Moscow agglomeration and Moscow City’s extension.

l’AUC + l’AUC as are joint urbanism and architecture offices based in Paris. l’AUC is involved in all scales of the urban problematic since 1996 (research, strategic territorial and local planning, urban studies, urban development or redevelopment projects) while l’AUC as develops architectural projects and public space designs. l’AUC team work with  public and private clients in France and other countries in Europe, North Africa, Brazil and Asian countries like Vietnam, Singapore or China, as urban consultants, designers and architects.

l’AUC was one of the ten teams commissioned for the ‘Grand Paris’ consultation on the Post Kyoto Metropolis and the future of Greater Paris launched by the French government in 2008/2009. Following this consultation, we have been commissioned to develop the project of a ‘Creative Cluster’ in the North of Paris around one of Greater Paris future transport system’s main hub.

l’AUC were involved in the consultation on the Moscow agglomeration and Moscow City’s extension, and working on various other large scale projects such as the urban development of the Parisian CBD of La Defense, as well as that of Lyon Part-Dieu, the 50 000 new dwellings project in Bordeaux, ‘Brussels 2040’ and ‘Lille 2030.