Vera Pavlova. Love Poems

Part of: Movies and performances at Strelka


Strelka presents: «Praktika theater – the most urgent, the brightest, the liveliest»

It is a poetical performance that was presented in Perm in December 2009 on the festival «SlovoNova» with two other premières by poems of the best modern poetess: Vera Pavlova, Vera Polozkova, Elena Fainalova.

Vera Pavlova: Poetry is a luxury of tsars. The man who understands the poetry is an an aristocrat. And there can’t be much aristocracy in the country.

«Vremya Novostey»: Vera Pavlova has found its own melody – for 18 years she writes about happiness. Exactly about happiness and not about childhood, coition, unfaithfulness, jealousy, pregnancy, creation of the world, Russia, Mozart, bruises, jeans, bras, tears and loneliness. All these things do exist in her poems. But winter and summer, scales and samples, adolescence and youth, lips and palms, sin and lust, fear and trembling, heaviness and tenderness, blood and love, life and death become meaningful only under the light of happiness. Eluding, stirring, dangerous, useless, agonizing, desired, foretold, damned, but still happiness.

Language: Russian