Vokrug Sveta with Editor-in-Chief and Art-Director

Part of: The Red October: Discovery of an Island


«Vokrug Sveta» magazine has been produced since 1861 – during this period its design has changed many times – our changing world needs new ways of presenting information. Recently the publishers decided that it was the right time for a change. The most recent version of the magazine was successful, but had little in common with those that are still kept in family archives all over the country. Publisher and journalist Sergey Parkhomenko and designer Dmitry Barbanel had two points they wanted to emphasize: actualization of content and the way it is delivered, and to promote the age of the magazine.

The process of creating the new version took place with the close collaboration of publisher and designer regarding the principle «form follows function». While Sergey developed new content policy, Dmitry explored the magazine’s history: covers, logos and typesets were carefully analysed. Dmitry also researched the designs of the most successful American magazines in different stages of their existence. This research and development resulted in a kind of «breadboarding» mathematics in which the magazine gained its renewed form – contemporary, but connected with history.

During their lecture at Strelka, Sergey Parkhomenko and Dmitry Barbanel will present their new design for «Vokrug Sveta» magazine and will discuss the various aspects of its creation.