BIG, SMALL, QUICK or SLOW: Learning from Moscow

Part of: QuickQuickSlow / BigSmallSmall


This research workshop is an exploration of the theme by looking at Moscow from different perspectives. What kind of design decisions made in Moscow are connected to one of our strategies? Can we find local Sacrade Famillia – kind of projects and Djurb Dubai towers? Which small interventions make big differences, and where does the speed of the city slow you down? Put on some glasses with the tag: Big, Small, Quick or Slow and you will have a totally different view upon your own city. Together we will make a research landscape dividing Moscow into the four strategies, creating different Moscow maps. All materials collected in this workshop will be used for the media workshop in the end of this program.

Workshop will take place on 21, 25, 26 June.

It is recommended to attend all the sessions of QuickQuickSlow / BigSmallSmall.


The participants should bring their own notebooks, cameras and sketchbooks.