Time To Decide: What future do we want to see for Moscow’s industrial zones?


What will happen to Moscow’s industrial zones after their aggregate area is reduced by seven thousand hectares? How will existing industrial estates develop? How can we achieve a high quality urban environment in Moscow’s former and current industrial zones? All these questions will be answered by the speakers in the Time To Decide series. The goal of the Time To Decide series, based on the capital city’s current problems of urban development, is to create a model for public consultations, which will see the participation of experts, residents and key concerned individuals. The most recent event was devoted to the Moskva River and its embankments. This time, the theme for discussion will be Moscow’s industrial zones.

Moscow’s industrial estates are areas where the quality of the environment ranges from high to extremely low. Many of them have effectively become barriers between residential districts, irrespective of the fact that the city’s population crosses them, by various means, on a daily basis. Others have been adapted to the needs of modern society and now serve as a workspace for dozens of small, medium and large businesses and non-manufacturing firms. A third group of industrial zones are now left empty and abandoned, playing no part in the life of the city. The essential features of all these areas are the uncertainty of their development, the legacy left behind by heavy industry (in the form of the buildings and pollution) and their proximity to residential districts. Taking into account these characteristics, the discussion participants, together with the city’s residents, will develop an approach for the development of the industrial zone environment.

Alongside the programme, ideas and suggestions will be collected on a special board.