LAST DROP: what is gonna happen to water?

english with russian translation

We all need clean water, and not just to drink. Water is one of the main elements of both the human body and the natural world, yet at the same time it is a resource which is never quite plentiful enough.

More than a billion people are don’t have access to clean drinking water today. Twice as many cannot even access the most basic sanitation. Contaminated water kills 6000 children in rural communities every day. In urban areas, infestations of cholera and other diseases in poorly cleaned supply systems makes water undrinkable.

The United Nations predicts that more than a quarter of the planet’s population will live in countries with chronic or periodic water shortages by the year 2050. The possibility of countries going to war over fresh water supplies looms closer every year.

Around the globe, scientists and others have thrown themselves into tackling this problem, finding ways to make water in cities more drinkable and in villages more accessible.

Strelka has invited experts from several countries to participate in a conference on water and tell us about water projects around the world – from cleaning bottles to self-cleaning rivers – and discuss what the future holds for this most precious of resources.

Ashton Hunt – Managing Director at “LifeSaver – working to end water poverty”, United Kingdom.
Christopher Lilholm – “Kinetiko – Better water and a better planet” representative, Denmark.
Yuri Medovar – PhD in Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Senior researcher at the Laboratory of hydrogeological problems of environmental protection of the Institute of Water Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia.
Elizaveta Kozlova – Geography Department of Moscow State University, Russia.
Dmitriy Paramonov – representative of Aqua Sciences company.