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Recently, technological milestones have altered the dynamics within our cities so profoundly that some believe the movement rivals the changes brought on by the Industrial Revolution. The evidence of these changes is embedded in our popular culture and our increasing dependency on new technology and digital processes within our daily lives.

Particularly prominent in recent years is the impact of technological advancement on the evolution of work. New technologies have, in many ways, liberated the nature of work in both content and methodology; and yet in most cases the workplace remains paradoxically static and constant.

The «City-as-Workplace» event will explore an emerging role for urban spaces to better facilitate contemporary lifestyles; spaces to share, participate, work and interact, where the boundaries between work and leisure are blurred.

Workshop starts on June 7 at 7 pm.

Number of participants
15 – 20 persons

Intended participants
designers, architects, sociologists, psychologists

Participants’ requirements
experience in Russian and international workshops, fluent English, graphic, drawing and multimedia software