Re-centering periphery

Part of: The City as a Workplace


Ogino_knauss is a collective signature adopted by Manuela Conti, Michele Lancuba and Lorenzo Tripodi since 1995. The group has a long lasting experience in the exploration of urban environments from the double perspective of architects researching in the urban field and artists developing innovative media and analyzing street cultures and emerging languages. The three founder members are responsible for the whole conception of the project, directing the crew that will work on the different locations with some turnovers.

Over the years the group has developed a specific attitude, analyzing urban phenomena as an artistic practice, capturing, through an instinctive, direct approach, the city’s epidermic and spontaneous manifestations, and finally representing them in form of media performances or installations. It is an approach that they define as urban dermatology, referring to an instinctive attitude to detect superficial phenomena surfacing on the city’s skin as public manifestations of inner tensions – as the visible emergence of undergoing social processes. This approach has been employed producing Doble Forza, a film about Alamar, a new town in the outskirt of the capital of Cuba. Invited in spring 2006 by the La Habana Art Biennale, the group spent several weeks in Cuba preparing a live media performance based on sounds and images captured in situ. The work has been successively completed with interviews and archival research, balancing the first direct, instinctive impression with a more structured investigation. The live set produced for the biennale provided the first framework in the process towards the realisation of the documentary film. This work, realized with a low budget, is aimed at being the pilot for a series of art interventions / reportages about the global evolution of the modernist periphery, employing the same methodology.