We Work. Together

german (translated to russian)

How can you bring together a team of like minds to create a successful project? How can you use offline and online communities to help your projects succeed?

A panel of German and Russian experts specializing in online projects, open data and coworking, will tackle these and other questions. Participants will discuss existing cultural, social and economic projects, as well as hypothetical ones.

Thanks to the Internet, we now have the ability to gather a team of like minds from around the world without leaving home. It’s one of many new forms of productive collaboration. People have also learned to create offline social networks – coworking – and use them to run projects. This will be the topic of a discussion at Strelka by German and Russian experts.

Participants include:

Moderator: Ivan Begtin, director of the Infokultura Non-Commercial Partnership and the Intelligent Data Analyst Laboratory and one of Russia’s leading experts on open data and open government.

Anu-Katrin Bek, organizer of the Betahaus coworking network

Maike Jansen, co-creator of re:campaign and the Nest agency, which develops online campaigns for social and environmental causes

Stefan Wehrmeyer, co-creator of Open Data Networks and a member of German Open Knowledge Foundation

Gleb Kalinin, journalist and co-founder of lokolo.ru


Geothe Center for German Culture, as part of the “Digital Society” program

A live broadcast of the event will be available here.

Photo: Amit Gupta