Soul Kitchen

original score with russian subtitles

Director Fatih Akin
Germany, 2009.

Zinos, a young owner of the restaurant named Soul Kitchen , is left by his long-term girlfriend Nadine. Zinos spends more time in the restaurant than with her, and she has just been offered a job in Shanghai. Zinos doesn’t know better but to follow Nadine – so he tries to sell the restaurant. And suddenly there are only three weeks to go before the closure. In these three weeks, pure anarchy breaks out in the Soul Kitchen: the chef cooks what he’s always wanted to cook, a new DJ gets the guests dancing after their meals, artists exhibit their work – and the guests like it. Rumours of the cult Soul Kitchen spread right around Hamburg.
At the very last party, Zinos realises it was a mistake to sell the restaurant. When he finds out it’s going to be torn down to make way for a shopping mall, he moves heaven and earth to get the Soul Kitchen back.