Technopolitan Living: New Technologies, New Dynamics

Part of: The City as a Workplace


An evening event of short lectures and round-tables to discuss the profound influence of recent technological innovation on people’s lifestyles and it’s growing impact on our cities.

World leaders in technology innovation in new media, mobile technology and communication will be presenting their visions of the future hyper-connected city in the emerging knowledge economy.

7.00pm introduction by technopolitan studio «We are all technopolitans» – Short introduction of the evening talks and debates highlighting the impact of new technologies on contemporary lifestyles and on our cities.

7.20pm keynote lecture by Denis Sverdlov, managing director of Yota “Future Perfect” – How will the society change in the next 3-4 years as people become increasingly hyper-mobile and hyper connected: what are the emerging needs and the future evolution of communication technologies and associated services?

7.50pm questions from the audience

8.00pm lecture by Phil Erhart, Apple «The Changing World of Media» – The fast evolving World of Media and its growing importance in our daily life: what, how and where do we comsume new digital media? 8.30pm questions from the audience

8.40pm lecture by Dmitry Repin, Skolkovo «Economics of the future» – How can a city become “start-up friendly” ? A portrait of community start-ups in Moscow and their exisitng and future needs 9.10pm questions from the audience

9.20pm round-table discussion moderated by technopolitan studio with guest lecturers The round-table discussion brings together technological innovators and actors of the city to debate on the evolution of new technologies and new media, and the impacts this has on our daily lives and the way we use our cities.

In an hyper-connected world, what are the new boundaries between work and leisure, the office and home?

What are the potentials and dangers of hyper-connectivity and hyper-accessibility of new media?

What are the impacts of this new emerging social organization on our cities?

How can we bridge the gaps between the virtual and the physical world?

Additional Guests for the Round-Table: Ilya Oskolkov Tsentsiper (Strelka), Frank Duffy (DEGW), Dmitry Falaleev (Harvard Business Review), Aleksander Pirojenko (Ministry of Economical Development), Cisco representative.