Igor Namakonov: Gamification of the City


What games hide behind the equation of man + game = life? What is meant by the gamification of content? How do games create new standards of behaviour and forms of communication? How can games be used for the benefit of the public and help develop the best scenario of the future? These and other questions will be answered by Igor Namakonov, a creative ideologist of MOST Creative Club.

Igor Namakonov has worked in the advertising industry since 2000. From 2003 to 2008, Igor worked as a creative producer at IQ Marketing, with clients such as Microsoft, SUNInbev, Mercedes-Benz, BAT, SUBMiller, Beeline, Lukoil, MTS, Wimm-Bill-Dann and Unilever. In 2006, he acted as producer of the Ozon project Beware of the Dog, for which IQ Marketing received an award at the 2006 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. In 2008, Igor founded MOST Creative Club, which is today the only Russian company that creates and organizes alternate reality games. Igor is the leader of the subject Non-Standard Media in Advertising at the Higher School of Economics and curator of the faculty of Project Management and Production at the Wordshop Communications Academy.