Future City Game

Part of: The Red October: Discovery of an Island


On 29 May, as part of the Creative Cities project, there will be a Future City Game, devoted to the development of the «Red October» complex and the neighbouring parts of the Moscow River embankment.

Red October is an historical site located right in the centre of Moscow. It used to be a chocolate factory known all over the world. Some time back the old building was left and the production was moved from the historical centre to the suburbs on the east of the city. Now there are various creative platforms occupying the area such as art galleries, studios, cafes.

The Future City Game will bring together the residents of the Red October site, owners, creative designers from Europe and Russia, city authorities and local people to generate ideas on how the Red October site and its neighbouring embankment areas can be developed for the benefit of the city and its citizens and guests.

The participants of the game are people with different backgrounds: European experts (photographer, film director, DJ, architects, designers, etc), residents and owners of Red October, representatives from local authorities and local people, students of architecture institutes.

The European experts:
Tim Abrahams (editor of the Blueprint Magazine, UK);
Ewa Ayton (regional director of the Creative Cities project);
John Davies (photographer, UK);
Sander Lap (landscape designer, the Netherlands);
Roman Marholia (director of theatre, TV and cinema projects, Ukraine).

On 30 May there will be the public hearings of the final presentations of the Future City Game in the Creative Cities Space at II Moscow Biennale of Architecture.