Industrial Symphony

Part of: The Red October: Discovery of an Island


Watch containers in a seaport terminal, city views from the small cab on top of a crane, post-industrial landscapes of Helsinki, retro dining cars of the 60s and 70s and many other scenes in the short films programme provided by Cool Connections art group.


director Jorg Wagner

An expedition into the wondersome world of a container terminal. Everyday work processes are densified into an allround aesthetic composition to the rhythm of music and editing.

director Bodil Furu

In Opera, director Bodil Furu captures the atmosphere from behind the scenes in Norway’s first national opera house as the country holds its breath for the much anticipated opening of its replacement. Her inquisitive and direct focus point is the invisible work of the backstage crew who play out their roles behind the scenes. The film turns the usual hierarchy of opera production upside down and places the backstage staff – the foundation blocks in the pyramid – in front of the camera whilst the director and singers are out of the picture. Furu’s emphasis on social hierarchies draws a parallel towards the building’s history as a part of the Norwegian history of early social democracy.

Hanasaari A
Finland, 2009
directors Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen

Hanasaari A is an experimental documentary about the changing cityscape of Helsinki, and the final moments of a coal-fired power plant.

The old industrial milieu is being destroyed to make space for modern housing units. The film is a combination of animation, live-action cinematography, and graphic elements. It is based on 500 thousand photographs taken during the final two years of the existence of the power plant.

City of Cranes
director Eva Weber

What’s it like to spend long hours every day between the skies and earth, in a small cabin at the end of a crane? Looking from above at London, especially when the skies are blue, and at the goings on of those who sit alone for long hours, in the silence, above the noisy city.

Dining cars/Restauratiewagens
director Arianne Olthaar

Empty interiors of dining cars, shot on Super-8, rock through the landscape, like a rolling time capsule.

Olthaar’s recent films and models show specifically designed spaces. Dining Cars was shot on Super-8 in trains from the 1960s and 70s. Having dinner here must have been very cosy once, but today the rolling interiors have become rocking time capsules.