Aliona Doletskaya and Christopher Makos

english (translated to russian)

Strelka Institute will host, in its courtyard, a Strelka Media Evenings public talk of Interview Russia’s editor-in-chief Aliona Doletskaya and Christopher Makos. The theme of the talk is, Andy Warhol and Interview Magazine. Philosophy of Its Creation.

Christopher Makos was the personal photographer of Andy Warhol from 1983 until the artist’s death, the one who took the famous portraits of Warhol in drag. Warhol used to describe Makos as “the most modern photographer in the United States.”

Immediately after the public talk, the guests will be in for another treat – an after-party with a live performance by James Ferraro, one of the inventors of and key figures in hypnagogic pop, and a DJ set by US electronic music performer Teams.

Ferraro, as a true mad genius, has released around 30 albums in the past six years under his own name alone, as well as about another dozen under aliases like 90210 and Demon Channels. According to Ferraro, before he went into music, his boldest dream was to become a soap opera star under the stage name The James Ferraro ® Simulacra Company. Ferraro had a lot of fun playing drone music, noise rock and guitar-heavy psychedelics, until last year he surprised everyone with his Far Side Virtual, an electronic music record named Album of the Year by The Wire magazine. This album can be best described as acid New Age drawing inspiration from the Windows 95 sound, popular ringtones and cheapo 1990s synthesizer demo sequences.

Teams is the stage name of Sean Bowie, a young US electronic musician who released his debut album DxysXff exactly one year ago, receiving favourable reviews on Altered Zones and FACT Magazine blogs. Bowie plays chillwave, a music style born out of fuzzy sounds and 1980s synthpop, but Teams adds broken rhythms to on-keel house beat to make it a dance style.

Registration for the public talk is now closed.