Strelka Research Themes

Part of: The City as a Workplace


This October, Strelka Institute of Media, Architecture and Design will welcome its first ever class of students for its all-expense-paid postgraduate education program. The curriculum for the 2010-2011 academic year has been developed together with AMO, the think-tank for the international architecture bureau, OMA (the Office for Metropolitan Architecture). Research projects will be led by OMA head Rem Koolhaas, AMO director Reinier de Graaf and cultural advisor Michael Schindhelm.

The curriculum for Strelka is based on five interlocking research themes, which address issues at stake internationally that hold a particular relevance for Russia – from the preservation of the urban environment and migration to the future of energy and the role of virtual space.

Each course of study consists of a two-month-long foundations course, a research trip, and six months of instruction. During the foundations course, students will become acquainted with the themes of research for the main part of the program, mastering a series of critical and practical methods of working. After this, the students will take a research trip. The main instruction follows the winter holidays, during which time students will develop research projects, supervised by the world’s leading specialists and addressing five themes: design, energy, preservation, public space and thinning. The results of work on each of these themes will be publicly broadcast.

Strelka President Ilya Oskolkov -Tsentsiper explans, «Each of the five projects will be realized in a tangible form, on which a student of ours has worked in collaboration with some of the leading international theorists and practitioners. In this way, the student becomes a co-author of this particular story».