How I Did NOT Spend My Summer Vacation

Part of: Russia™


Inspired by the tradition of films – whether blockbuster fluff or a meaningful movie – about spending one’s summer, this festival aims to produce a short film in the space of a week. The crux of the idea lies in the fact that each of us has cooked up a mass of plans in the beginning of the summer, plans for crossing borders, for immersing one’s body in seas of multiple colors and tones, plans reeking of charcoal fumes in clubs and aimless wanderings around the city at night. And in the end of all this planning, an absolute majority of people, for one reason or another, stay home and while away their days. We are offering the chance to settle the score and rehabilitate some of these dreams, creating a film on the theme of «How I Did NOT Spend My Summer Vacation».

Festival Schedule:

September 5, 14:00

Gathering of the participants at the Strelka Institute: a briefing, the forming of teams, some parting words and other such things.

September 11, 23:00 – 5:00

Official opening and closing of the festival – a red carpet, a film screening, evaluation by the jury, the announcement of the winners, a prize ceremony and general satisfaction.