Mapping Memory: Reconceptualizing a Local Museum

russian, english

By arming ourselves with a curatorial gaze on memory and place, we can tap into memory’s creative energy to not only foster innovation in local museums but to promote a sense of empathy with the people, objects, and environments that surround us.

This workshop was based on a studio project made in this year’s Another Place Studio by Varvara Degtiarenko concerning local museums in Russia.

It elaborated on the changing role of curation and curating place, local museum audience involvement and mapping memory. After a presentation of the project and its concepts, participants of the workshop were able to create a cognitive map connected to, for them, a place of value. At the end of the workshop, maps were exhibited and shared in small groups.

This workshop was an experiment, and was meant to be universal. Aimed at museum professionals, it was of equal interest for anyone else of reading and writing ages with an interest in a how to learn to view their environment with a different perspective. Participants had to come prepared with a memory that has influenced them, and willing to share them.