Red October: Discovery of an Island

Part of: The Red October: Discovery of an Island


The Red October area on Bolotny Island, Moscow, has undergone in the last few years a radical transformation, from confectionery factory to mixed-use complex that aims to become a hub for new activities. The ambition to turn the former factory into a hotspot for creativity offers the Strelka Institute Workshop a chance to cast a critical eye on the idea of cultural production and its relationship with the city at large.

In order to tackle the Red October project, workshop participants will try to understand how new centralities can become performing environments and enhance the existing conditions of their surroundings. What quality will make the Red October transformation successful? What should the Red October offer to Moscow, and what kind of urbanity could it propose?

In a post-industrial condition, research and innovation become the basis for the economy of the city. The workshop will therefore rethink which features can turn a complex such as the Red October into an attraction for creative practices: in short, what would turn Red October into a new centre for the city.

The scenarios for the Red October will explore what kind of relationship we could establish between flexibility and sense of place, living and working spaces, production and creativity, individual initiatives and general frameworks, public policies and private investments.

What is it that triggers creativity in a certain environment, and what is it that triggers urban intensity in specific places in the city? Starting from these questions, the participants will try to open up a new field of possibilites for Red October, Moscow and the post-industrial city itself.

Number of participants
30 – 40 persons.

Target group
This workshop is intended for people of differrent occupations: designers, architects, artists, media professionals, urban activists, enlightened developers and political thinkers. Diploma students or postgraduate students and young professionals are welcomed.

Good command of english, time availability 12 hrs per day, personal statement “why participate?”.