Who develops alternative energy sources in Russia?

strelka courtyard

The whole world faces the increase in the amount of energy  produced from alternative energy sources. New technologies are being developed, that allow the whole cities in Germany and Denmark to fully transform to renewable energetics. Despite of that there are still debates on whether this is really possible? If it is better? And whether it can be beneficial? In Russia economic potential of alternative energy sources is 25%. According to Russian Federation Government by 2020 it will be only possible to use 4.5%. Who is taking care of developing alternative enrgy sources in Russia? Strelka will welcome  experts who work with solar, wind and hydro-energy and believe in the future of that sources.


– Georgy Kekelidze, head of board of directors of Eurosolar Russian section: non-commercial partnership for the development of renewable energy

– Patrick Willems, head of IFC programme for the development of renewable energy in Russia

– Petr Kirushin, participant of “Energi Øresund” project for energy research in Denmark and Sweden

– Representative of Siemens energy sector
– Ivan Sokolov, Ernst&Young
– Kseniya Mokrushina, World Bank

The discussion will be followed by a film screening of the GOOD THINGS TO DO film by Barbara Ferrari. Samso island in Danmark became an experimental field for the new generation of renewable energy. They produce energy with all accessible alternative methods. Island residents, farmers, tourists – heroes and witnesses of this green revolution. This island would like to prove that Danmark will be able to receive all necessary energy from alternative sources  already by 2030.

Good things to do, Italy/Danmark, 40 min.

Director: Barbara Ferrari