CULTURAL Frontier 2013


As part of this summer’s cycle of events devoted to borders, Strelka is pleased to announce an evening of discussion with returning members of the Higher School of Economics’ latest expedition.

In April and May this year members of the Higher School of Economics’ Culture department set off on an expedition to investigate the “Cultural Frontier” of the former Soviet Space.

Travelling along what was once the Western border of the Soviet Union, from the Danube Delta in the South to Brest in the north, Cultural Frontier 2013 took the participants on a journey through the frontier zone on both sides of the border.

There is much more to borders than the narrow line shown on a map. They mark not only political boundaries, but urban and agricultural, corrupt and emotional, linguistic and cultural, technological and natural divisions.

We will be discussing not only the expedition’s experience of borders as dividing lines, but also how frontiers appear and disappear.

Speakers include:

Vitaly Kurennoy – Philosopher, professor, and head of the Cultural Studies department at the Higher School of Economics.

Ruslan Khestanov – philosopher, professor at the Higher School of Economics, Director of the Moscow Institute of Social-Cultural programs.

Dmitry Velikovsky – special correspondent for Russian Reporter magazine.

Dmitry Rogozin – sociologist, professor and deacon of Social Sciences at Moscow’s Higher School of Social and Economic Science. Dmitry was not an official member of the expedition, but quite by chance found himself on a cycling tour of the same region as the expedition was passing through.