SMALL and BIG: A life as fast as light

Part of: QuickQuickSlow / BigSmallSmall


LED is undeniably the future technology for lighting. Besides being small and extremely reliable LED’s have a life expectance of often more than 50.000 hours.
That signifies a profound change in conception of lamps. In the architectural field, lighting will be a totally integrated part of buildings. In the design of lamps it means that consumers will no longer have to change light bulbs as their durability will be even higher than the lamp itself. The life of the lamp is no longer independent from the life of the light source. A similar revolution has already happened to other products, such as the disposable pen, the lighter, etc.
The commission in this workshop is to design a disposable LED light.
How would a disposable LED light look like? Minimal? Multifunctional? With a second life? Totally integrated in the building and therefore making the building last as long as the LED lights do?