Dreams in Copenhagen

Part of: The City as a Workplace


Dreams in Copenhagen / Drømme i København

Denmark 2009, 72 min

Director Max Kestner

«Dreams in Copenhagen» is Max Kestner’s latest film in a series of films that portrays all aspects of life in Denmark.

This time round he’s taking us into Copenhagen’s apartments and back yards and tells us fragments of stories about the people who live there: stories about shared children, transport, side-step sex, real estate equity, immigrant children and estate agents – they are the stories about Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen.

But «Dreams in Copenhagen» also focuses on the city’s physical framework.

The film is a depiction of the city, its life and its architecture.

It’s about the houses we live in, the street doors we enter and exit, and the streets we move about on.

The modern city in film is one of the places where fiction and documentary are most intimately linked, and «Dreams in Copenhagen» continues a long cinematic tradition of using the city as the actual protagonist.

The images of Copenhagen let you encounter the places we already know, but also take you on a journey of discovery, as Max Kestner presents the city in a new and totally different light.