Interactive Moscow: New Media for the Development of Public Space

Part of: AG: Virtual Versus Real


Society has undergone more transformation in the last decade, than it has in the last few centuries. The internet and mobile communications have radically altered our daily lives. How will this impact the structure of cities and the layout of streets? Will we still need city sites as reference points when everyone has GPS navigators or similar devices, replicating the actual spaces? How do forums like Facebook affect the role of city squares or boulevards? Is Twitter the tribune of the next century?

The focus for this workshop is Moscow. Using the city as a case study, participants will investigate and debate the questions above, taking a closer look at the connection between real and virtual space. For the first part of the workshop, participants will consider the specific situation of Moscow, using information gathered from social networks and applications such as Twitter, Flickr, and Picasa, among others.During this time, participants will establish certain markers, which will allow them to move onto the second part of the workshop, in which they will look at the ways in which the virtual space of social networks forms or manipulates the real space of the city.

Breaking up into groups, the participants will work with the collected information, organizing it into the form of an interactive installation. These installations will be filmed and presented to a jury, along with maps created during the process.