Museums of the Future

Part of: AG: Virtual Versus Real


July 24 marks the inaugural event in the series YES lectures, the multidisciplinary educational program from the Yota company.

The program for YES lectures got its start at Strelka, during the round table event «The Appointment of Geniuses», which took place at the end of June. Twelve experts, representing a variety of fields, each picked a selection of their contemporaries as trailblazers, whose ideas – and the realization of those ideas – form the fabric of our future. Each expert chose 3 names: a genius of the moment, a genius who has already established him or herself, and a genius of the future.

From this list of «geniuses», the Yota company chose 12 specialists, whom they have invited to give lectures in cities throughout Russia.You will find a dynamic, cutting-edge conversation, which offers any participant the chance to interact directly with the lector at any moment.

This educational initiative opens with curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist, who will speak about the «Museums of the Futures». In October 2009, ArtReview named the 42-year old Swiss curator the most influential figure in the contemporary art world. The Guardian, commenting on Obrist’s new status, observed that this was the first time in the history of ArtReview’s list that the top spot was held not by an artist, not by a dealer, and not even by a director of museum – and all because Obrist is «not so much a curator as human whirlwind».