The new Moscow / A propos de Nice

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The New Moscow
directed by Aleksandr Medvedkin
Soviet Union, 1938, 60 min
Language: Russian

Little known even inside Russia, The New Moscow is an eye-popping amalgamation of country comedy, musical romance and science fiction. Alyosha, a young designer working in Siberia, creates a «living model» of what Moscow will be like in a future imagined by Stalin.
Medvedkin’s willingness to mix popular culture with avant-garde techniques looks back to an earlier period of Soviet life even as the film envisions an impossibly bright, technologically advanced future for all. Richard Pena (

A propos de Nice
directed by Jean Vigo
France, 1930, 25 min
Language: Subtitles

A propos de Nice is a 1930 silent short documentary film directed by Jean Vigo and photographed by Boris Kaufman. The film depicts life in Nice, France by documenting the people in the city, their daily routines, a carnival and social inequalities. Vigo described the film in an address to the Groupement des Spectateurs d’Avant-Garde: «In this film, by showing certain basic aspects of a city, a way of life is put on trial… the last gasps of a society so lost in its escapism that it sickens you and makes you sympathetic to a revolutionary solution».

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