Summer programme 2014
Urban Routine

Day by day city dwellers drive their cars through over-populated streets, sit in front of their computers in offices, buy goods and groceries in stores and shops, at home they educate their children, renovate and watch TV. These are everyday urban routines – a gigantic and complex world of the ordinary – seemingly familiar, yet quite under-researched and poorly analyzed.

This summer Strelka will further develop the theme of its education programme and focus on everyday life of modern city dwellers. Student research, public lectures and workshops, united by the theme of Urban Routines, will attempt to define what comprises the everyday life of cities, how the new everyday reality correlates with the past, and what will change in the future.

Experts of the summer programme this year - architects and designers, scientists and media artists, curators and directors - have researched the local traditions, invented new ways of designing buildings and urban spaces, came up with new technologies and materials, combined art and natural urban landscapes. Experimenting with routine elements of the urban life, they create and next moment change our perceptions of everyday urban experience.

Investigation of everyday routines allows one not only to describe and grasp the laws that the city operates by, but attempt to predict the future of cities and our own future. Through open lectures, festivals, film screenings, concerts and parties in the courtyard Strelka will experiment with the everyday and show most ordinary routines from most unexpected angles.

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