Presentation of workshop results “City-as-Office”

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The organizers of this workshop will outline the practical tasks assigned to the participants while the participants will present the results of their work. The event will end with a question-and-answer session.

The theme of the workshop was to explore the city as a space for work. The participants were charged with the task to investigate and scheme up an organization of work space for the processes of the contemporary man, seeking to escape the monotony of the workday in the office with the help of new technology.

The workshop includes in-depth research and analysis of the specific situation in Moscow (housing, infrastructure, transportation), revealing the potential for alternative spaces to be used for work, defining prospective points on a map of the city and debating whether one could use those points for the revitalization of the city space. Special attention will be given to the social, psychological and financial aspects associated with alternative work spaces.

Language of instruction – Russian