Presentation of workshop results “City as a Movie”

Part of: Telling the City


Closing Presentation for the Workshop
Organizers will give a quick overview of the workshop, explaining the specific assignments given to the participants. The participants will then present their proposed solutions or projects. After this, there will be time for questions.

Participants under the curators’ guidance come up with an idea and then film a 10-minute movie about the Ivanovskaya Gorka district – the area within Solyanka, Lubyanskiy Proezd, Maroseyka and Pokrovka Streets and Pokrovskiy and Yauzskiy Boulevards.

The goal is to analyse urban space – with the help of history, urbanism, architecture history and theory, literature and cinema history, sociology and culturology – to highlight the most interesting features, gather them into one scenario and invent the method of narrating it through visual, poetic and non-verbal tools.