Paradise/Time within Time

Part of: Sensorium


Directed by Michael Almereyda
USA, 2009, 82 min.

Paradise is a film half-artistic and half-documentary, covering 9 countries, 24 cities and 10 years in the life of director Michael Almereyda. Almereyda is not the first who has taken on this kind of narrative format, but he manages to create something unlike any other work, a muddled self-portrait, which in a strange way gives the viewer the chance to stand in for the author himself. We see the world, the passing of time, children and adults, friends and strangers – all through the eyes of the director. There is no particular structure to the stories, no identifiable cause-and-effect connections. The images and scenes shift, layering one on top of the other like time itself.

* Selected for the programme of the Rotterdam International Film Festival

* Gotham Award for the Best Documentary Film

Time Within Time/In een vergete moment
Directed by Menno Otten
Netherlands, 2009, 20 min.

Once director Menno Otten saw a photograph by Ed van der Eisen, of a woman completely lost in thought on the Tokyo metro. The director spent a year on the streets of Amsterdam, trying to find a comparable image.