Final Review 2011/12

english (translated to russian)

Over the past academic year Strelka Institute’s students – who come from a range of Russian cities and many foreign countries – have focused on studying Moscow.

The students of four of the research studios (out of five) – Urban Culture, Megacity, Citizens as Customers, and SENSEable City Moscow – have explored the evolution of cultural clusters, street art, city interventions, the state and future prospects of the microrayon, opportunities for the productive development of new areas, grey-market economy and bureaucracy, prospects of using digital technologies to benefit the city, as well as other topics. The fifth research studio, Hinterland, dealt with an even broader research objective – identifying nationwide development trends in Russia and its potential for interaction with China and the larger BRIC group.

Yury Grigoryan, Reinier de Graaf, Rem Koolhaas, Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper, Michael Schindhelm, David Erixon and other Strelka experts will sum up the results of the students’ research projects and describe the changes that will take place in the third year of Strelka Institute’s education programme.

Each studio has prepared an exhibition based on the research results which will be on display in Strelka Institute’s courtyard.

17:00 Introduction by Alexander Mamut
17:15 Strelka Studios Research Presentation
Hinterland by Rem Koolhaas
SENSEable City Moscow by Assaf Biderman
Urban Culture by Stanislav Lvovsky and Yury Saprikin
Citizens as Customers by David Erixon and Anastassia Smirnova
Megacity by Reinier de Graaf

19:00 Strelka Going Forward
Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper