Social Networking for Architects: What’s the Catch?

Part of: The Red October: Discovery of an Island


Aleksey Mikheev, Rustam Kerimov, and Andrey Asadov, the authors of Archnest, the social network for architects, will conduct a round table on professional interaction among the architectural community on the web.

Participants in the round table will look at three sites with a connection to architecture – Archnest, the Interni magazine blog, and online projects run by the Council for Ecological Construction. They will also discuss global trends and try to determine prospects for success for Russian web projects.


Ksenia Agapova, marketing director, Russian Green Building Council

Kirill Ass, architect

Vasiliy Gatov, vice-president, Periodic Press Publishers Guild

Alexander Ostrogorsky, journalist

Askar Ramazanov, architect, T & P project founder