Closer to Apple

Studio Raz, 2 floor

Strelka Institute is to feature a direct stills-and-text cast from Apple’s World Wide Developers’ Conference (Apple WWDC). Host Artur Paikin will be on hand to translate and comment on the conference.

Apple Inc. does now allow videotaping in the audience, and so journalists attending Apple presentations take photographs and post their comments as a live still-and-text feed.

Apple’s annual WWDC will run from June 11 through June 15 this year at San Francisco’s Moscone West Exhibition Hall. The Conference will open with a traditional keynote presentation during which Apple employees will tell the world about the company’s upcoming projects which will change the world yet again. This year’s WWDC will focus on the latest products and new iOS and OS X Mountain Lion features. As many as 1,000 Apple engineers will be there to field questions and conduct 100 hands-on workshops.

Apple’s first WWDC ever dates back to 1983, when the company’s developers unveiled Lisa computer. The first WWDC Conference open to the public took place seven years later, when Apple engineers introduced QuickTime, a multimedia player application designed to play back digital video, sound, text, animation, music and panoramic images in a wide range of different formats.