Instead of Kremlin

Part of: Project "City"


By strengthening its ties to the city and renewing its capabilities, the reconstruction of the Moscow Kremlin could actually be one of the best ways to improve the international image of Russia, to actualize the Moscow downtown and to serve as a model for the modernization of other historical centers throughout the entire territory of Russia. To carry out such a reconstruction, however, one must come up with alternative resolutions for a whole series of difficult and precise tasks. How can one increase the physical accessibility and attendance on the territory, while preserving the artistic attributes and historical configuration of the current ensemble? What new functions would be the best for transforming the Moscow Kremlin into a political and cultural symbol for 21st century Russia? How can one combine the iconic elements, elevating the Kremlin into an emblem for the state, with a new architectural aesthetic that corresponds to the today’s level of international integration of the Russian Federation?