A Scene for City Life

Part of: Project "City"


Public spaces are a stage for our public lives. They are the parks where celebrations are held, where marathons end, where the seasons are marked and where cultures mix. They are the streets and sidewalks in front of homes and businesses where neighbors meet and people come to shop and stroll. They are the «front porches» of our public institutions – city halls, libraries, schools, and post offices where a local farmers market may sell flowers and produce. When cities and neighbourhoods have thriving public spaces, residents have a strong sense of community. But although public spaces are critical to creating livable cities and communities, good public spaces in cities today are rare.

Cynthia Nikitin will provide international examples of newly created and regenerated public spaces created for, by, and with the communities and residents for whom they are meant utilizing the Placemaking Process. By demonstrating both and long and short term initiatives that have enabled municipal authorities and communities to work together to transform places that one could not wait to get through to places that one never wanted to leave, she hopes to inspire the audience to consider how Moscow’s public spaces can serve as the framework for creating more lively civic spaces.