A Scene for City Life

Part of: Project "City"


Public spaces are a stage for our public lives. They are the parks where celebrations are held, where marathons end, where the seasons are marked and where cultures mix. They are the streets and sidewalks in front of homes and businesses where neighbors meet and people come to shop and stroll. They are the “front porches” of our public institutions – city halls, libraries, schools, and post offices where a local farmers market may sell flowers and produce. When cities and neighbourhoods have thriving public spaces, residents have a strong sense of community. But although public spaces are critical to creating livable cities and communities, good public spaces in cities today are rare. In addition to providing international examples of transit facilities, public markets, main streets and plazas that have been transformed into great places, Cynthia Nikitin will provide participants with a series of practical Placemaking tools and techniques for revitalizing public spaces, engaging community actors in envisioning the future uses for a space, developing an action plan for moving forward, and creating concepts for and a layout of uses and activities and design changes to support the vision generated. She will lead workshop participants in an on-site ideation session at a pre-selected study site to test out the tools and approaches presented, and introduce them step by step to the Placemaking process so as to equip them to consider Moscow’s public spaces as the framework for creating a more lively built environment.