Creators of Urban Legend

Part of: QuickQuickSlow / BigSmallSmall


Interactive Game from the Wordshop Academy of Communication.

Leonid Feigin, artist, designer, founder of the studio Direct Design and dean of the department of Art-Direction at the Wordshop Academy of Communication, believes that tourists can be attracted to any part of a city – even the dump. After all, people still visit Chernobyl, don’t they? All you need for this is a good legend. It’s easy enough to prove this theory: just say the words «House on the Embankment» and watch how many more associations it carries than, say, «House on the Park». Legend is something which can bestow any object with a history, if not a soul. And the splashier the legend, the more interesting it is to dive into the history.

In this interactive game, Leonid explains the principles of creating a good urban legend and then challenges participants to come up with their own about absolutely any place they choose in the city.