Peddling Air: Creative Resolutions in Retail

Part of: Sensorium


To hold aconsumer’s attention is tough; to please him or her is even tougher, and it’s practically impossible to get the consumer to fall in love.

This round table features a discussion by those whose projects are valued for their strength of concept; they have all created their respective enterprises not only for the sake of profit, but for the personal enjoyment and satisfaction of the owners.

There are very few of this type of place in Moscow and each has a devoted following; they tend to attract and maintain their own client base, which is primarily young and creative. Another common feature of these ventures is the complex appeal to and interaction with the five senses of their guests, so that visitors feel immediately comfortable when they enter into one of these spaces.

The owners and founders of these projects will speak about the characteristics which have made these places popular and successful. They will also discuss the multi-functionality of these spaces and the ways in which they strive to maximize the effect of each of these functions.

The round table is followe by the closing presentation of the workshop «Vmesto» curated by Kirill Ass.


David Yan – founder of ABBYY and the network of institutions ArteFAQ, FAQ-cafe and Squat. The creator of the program Fine Reader, the electronic dictionary ABBYY Lingvo and the iiko project.

Nastya Kolesnikova – owner of the store Mesto.

Andrey Samonaev – owner of DK Project and the architectural bureau Sretenka, and administrator and adviser for the project DesignBoom.

Aleksander Gavrilov – chief editor of the newspaper «Knizhnoe Obozrenie» (Book Review) and one of the initiators of the Moscow International Open Book Festival and Fair, «non/fiction».

Nina Hodzinskaya – development director of Globus Gourmet.