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The City as a Workplace


Predictions of sci-fi writers and futurists do not always realize. People still spend eight hours per day at the office or work remotely from home. Although, theoretically, Internet has opened a lot of new opportunities for us, there is still no alternative working environment to offices and homes.

How do modern technologies affect the way we work? How do we create ideal working conditions? As part of this session, we will project the «future office», discuss professions of tomorrow and consider a possibility of mix-use of public spaces.

The Session Contents
Lectures, round tables, and discussions on the theme of developments in technology and their influence on the professional process and lifestyle, with participation from leading European and Russian experts: Denis Sverdlov (Yota), Phil Eckhardt (Apple), Frank Daffy (founder of DEGW and author of the book, City and the Workplace), Colin Fournier (Dean of the Department of Cityplanning at Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London).

The Session Schedule
July 9-10

Lectures and round tables with leading designers and experts in the field of new technology.

An exhibition on the design-concept for the urban office of the future, with works by students of the Bartlett School of Architecture in London.

July 10-16

Workshop led by curators from technopolitan studio. Sixteen participants will work out a design-concept for a mobile urban office, collaborating with curators and students from the Bartlett School of Architecture. Registration is already open!

July 17-18

BarCamp on the theme of the mutual relationship between architecture, media and design. The first conference on the theme of architecture, design and new media, will be moderated by the participants themselves. With the support of RuCamp.

The Session Curators
technopolitan studio(Edouard Moreau, Daniel Horner)

The Session Partner