City as a Workspace: Office of the Future

Part of: The City as a Workplace


Participants of the workshop together with curators will design a mobile «third place» that facilitates contemporary work/leisure activities within the public realm (both internal and external public spaces to be considered).

The «pop up» structure(s) should be designed so it can be easily dismantled and re-assembled to enable it to travel around the city.

The participants will be selected according to their design background (preferably architecture), relevant experience and motivation for the topic.

Timetable 09-10/07 research focus groups coordinated by technopolitan studio and presentation internally of results by each focus group

Focus #1: The Nomadic City:

What are the implications of new lifestyle trends on the design of the built environment?

How are urban dynamics changing?

How do people now use the city differently? How do people utilise public space differently?

Do buildings and spaces currently cater for changing lifestyle trends adequately?

How and where do we consume new media ?

Focus #2: The Hyper Connected City:

Identify the potentials of our hyper connective world in the work environment.

What are the different level of communications at work? What are the potentials of co-production, co-generation of work?

What are the potentials and limits of online social network in work?

Focus #3: New Technologies/New Work-styles:

Discuss the impact of new technologies on our daily lives.

How has the miniaturisation of computers and communication technology enabled new dynamics for working and leisure?

How did the boundaries between work and leisure have become less distinguished in recent year?

How do you think new technologies will continue to alter the way we work, socialize and play?

Focus #4: Moscow as a Workplace:

Identify the existing and potential workplaces in Moscow – What are the shortcomings of the traditional office buildings?

What are the «third places» in Moscow and what are their characteristics and limits? What urban spaces in Moscow could be used as a co-working spaces?

11/07 5pm: introduction to the design workshop

11-12/07 5pm-11pm: design charette and tutorials

13/07 5pm: common workshop/brainstorming with «Yota Ambient Project»

8pm-11pm: design charette and tutorials 14-15/07

8pm-11pm design charette and tutorials 16/07 6pm: internal presentation of design workshop to Strelka + technopolitan studio 16/07-19/07 development of the findings, ideas and concepts towards a presentation to Yota with volunteer participants 20/07 Presentation to Yota and Strelka (common with «Yota Ambient Project» presentation)