Beyond Media Extension Festival

Part of: The Red October: Discovery of an Island


Marco Brizzi presents Beyond Media festival and offers a special program of architecture videos, interpreting the theme of the city as a narrative or, in a wider sense, storytelling in architecture.

One of them – My Playfround – will be shown by it’s danish director Kaspar Astrup Schroder. In the film Kaspar explores parkour as a new way of interacting man and urban space.

Marco Brizzi will also hold discussion with architecture critic and journalist Kester Rattenbury and will discuss the opportunities for architects to communicate with the city community and to make architecture popular and interesting for city dwellers.

Key questions of the discussion will be:

- What new relations between architecture and the media have emerged?
- Is video introducing new challenges for architecture?
- What languages are emerging?
- Is the Internet offering new possibilities for extending narrative about cities?
- In which ways are the public participating to the construction of visions for the new city?
- How are movies reading the city realm today?

In the words of Marco, the Beyond Media Extension Programme should become ‘a lab for investigating how new ways of storytelling lead to new understanding of a city’. Kester will offer a very important theoretical approach and Kaspar – the point of view of a director, very sensitive towards the perception of contemporary architecture and the way people use it.