The Elements: Сontemporary Identity Systems


The Elements workshop concentrates on learning methods of design and testing them in exploratory exercises. During the workshop, students will investigate how to recognize the basic elements of design, structure a design problem by building up a consistent process, and discover basic strategies for developing strong visual systems. Students will test the new methods by creating elements based on Red October visuals.

Each session will start with a presentation of a case-study project (from our recent work), showing a step-by-step progress of design, concentrating on methods used in the concept development stages. We will trace the evolution of basic shapes and elements, following the history of formal explorations that lead to the development of the new artwork, products or architectural detail.


Number of participants
15 persons.

Intended participants
The workshop is planned for professional designers and architects, as well as for students of design and architecture, who would like to spend a week in an intense learning environment, experimenting with new methods for conceptual strategies of design.

Minimum participant requirements
A one-year course in visual art.