ART-Kovcheg : P.S., Or The Continuation


Participants and organizers of the ART-Kovcheg project open up about the twenty year history of the legendary initiative, as well as its near future

For this discussion on the ART-Kovcheg inititative, participants and organizers will speak about the twenty year history of the construction and travels of a ship of Russian artist. This history informs the documentary film, The Story of An Experiment, which will also be screened.
ART-Kovcheg is a well-known non-profit initiative of the 1990s. It featured a ship, built in Petrozavodsk, which gave representatives from provincial cultures an opportunity to travel freely around Europe and Russia. The program would spawn several other projects, from the New Center in Nizhni Novgorod, to Slava Polunin’s International Theater and Cultural Center, Ship of Fools. The exhibitions, seminars, workshops, stipends and the project of building and sailing the ship itself will all go down in the history of Russian art.

At this moment, plans are in place for the August 2014 launch of the third yacht to sail the legenadary route from twenty years prior. It will continue to sailin 2015 and 2016, with its mission of seeking out new ideas, supporting new projects, and recruiting new participants.
Discussion Participants:

Maxim Poleschuk – a doctoral candidate in architectural sciences; professor and instructor at MARKhI, a laboratory for innovations in architecture and the urban environment; and founder of the ART-Kovcheg

Yury Nemtsov – a television producer, musician, and director of the film The Story of An Experiment

Evgeny Amaspyur — artist, designer of the Mayakovsky Museum

Vasily Bandakov – a doctoral candidate in architectural sciences; chief architect of Archstroi

Sergey Mishin – architect